Frozen Tents and Ptarmigans: a wintry backpack around the cairngorms

Total distance 46km with 2701m ascended Inshriach Forest was a pure vision of autumn, the deciduous conifers had turned golden against their evergreen neighbours and red squirrels darted back and forth across the track and up into the canopies. There was a thick course of moss growing up the centre of the road leading out from Feshiebridge, […]

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A Snowy Kentmere Horseshoe

It wasn’t looking good. Obsessively checking MWIS all day and every day did very little to physically shift the forecast from heavy rain and 100mph winds and looking generally grim all over, the uninviting Met Office mountain forecast actually used the word ‘abysmal’ to describe the level of visibility expected in Cumbria on the coming Monday. […]

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