Sleeping out under the giant moon

A late Sunday evening was spent slowly ambling across Broomhead Moor through a wild landscape carpeted with thick coarse heather, soft tussocks and tall oat grass. With no real plans I’d set off so late that the sun was already beginning to begin its journey to meet the horizon, it was about six miles across rough […]

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Schools out

When the school announced a strike on Thursday we decided to express our unconditional support for better pay and conditions for teachers by heading up to the peaks for a 7.5 mile wander. Starting from Hope we took a path up to Lose Hill for a picnic in the sunshine before heading the ridge to Back Tor and Hollins Cross before […]

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A Snowdonia Solstice Backpack

Total Distance 49.3km Height Ascended 5017m Sunday began with a small mountain of fathers day pancakes, the main course of a breakfast date with the wee mountain goats and their mum, but there’s only so much fried batter and maple syrup a man can consume. So with a light pack and some blocked arteries it made […]

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