Bear with me…

Sometimes the days turn to weeks and the weeks turn to months. I presently have a backlog of trips to post going back almost six months; the furthest back was an amble around Cross Fell and the Milburn Forest in the North Pennines, there was a freezing trip around the Carmarthenshire Fans, umpteen fell runs and races and an icy packrafting trip on the edge of Cumbria. Juggling work with parenting and making sure the cat doesn’t feel left out takes a fine balance but I’ll endeavour to put something on here this side of Winter. In the meantime a photo from each backpacking trip, just as evidence that I haven’t become a shut in………yet.SONY DSCSONY DSClakesfeb1


5 thoughts on “Bear with me…

  1. Only discovered your site today (what I’ve been missing), going through your older posts, I cannot wait indeed for new ones.. Especially being in somewhat similar situation – one house, two jobs, three kids and way too big a longing to be outdoors – on foot, pedals or indeed with a camera under a darkcloth..
    Thanks for your inspirational writing, keep it up!

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