A circumambulation of the dark peak

A few photos taken on my phone during a run around Kinder on a Sunday in early December. The route set out from Hayfield and followed the whole plateau edge clockwise from Kinder Low in vague preparation for the Marsden to Edale fell race in January. The idea was to see if I could run 20 (though it ended up being 23) miles in the dark peak comfortably; peat bogs, groughs and hags tend to involve more scrambling, stumbling and slipping than running, but all in all it went well and I was back in Hayfield four hours later. A slow steady pace, eating plenty but probably not drinking enough, the spring below Kinder downfall seems to have become a dribble. The only other snag was cultivating a blister the size of a small planet, future longer runs will probably require a heady cocktail of talcum powder, vaseline and better socks. The sun was kind enough to show up for the first and final hour, but being Kinder, the weather was changeable and a foul shower of hail and sleet blew over on the northern edge. Geoff and Chrissie were kind enough to ply me with fresh coffee and homemade cake before and after and were also kind enough to overlook my malodorus state as I sat in their kitchen.kinder11kinderun1kinder5  kinderru kinderrun2Thanks to my friend Pete for teaching me the word circumambulation!


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