Just perfect…

A simple journey was made just as planned, a summer sleeping bag and bivi stuffed into a bag under the saddle with a few extra layers in a light rucksack. The previous days forecast suggested uncomfortable riding, cold and blustery with showers throughout, though somehow that never came to. The forecast was the right type of wrong and as the evening arrived, sunlight fought its way through clouds. Just perfect for what I wanted to do, a slow pedal through the local woods, meadows and bridleways.

It was a dozen or so miles out of the city to visit the rowan tree that had been planted to remember Oscar, the tree was now ten years old and full of life. Another few hours of riding to empty the mind before bedding down on the top of a local hill. The sun made the briefest appearance at dawn bringing just enough warmth and wind to dry the dew off the bivi bag before pedalling into work for the day. It is nothing short of impossible to wake up early on a hilltop to a new day flooded with sunlight and not to smile deeply inside and out.

20150707_182117oscar2 20150708_061713


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