Home Improvements

No trip reports or photos of tents on mountains or moorlands this time, instead I thought I’d share what I’ve been up to when I’ve not been disappearing into the hills. My current life as a lone parent has left me with a general lack of disposable income (don’t worry, this isn’t the beginning of a kickstarter campaign to lift me out of poverty and buy me a new tent) and has also given me a fair bit of free time.  Once the kids are in bed and the toys are all packed away and the meals are wiped off the walls for another day I’ve attempted to make more creative use of the evenings. So the other week I decided to see what I could do with an old knackered coffee table that’s been haunting the corner of my living room, a bunch of old ordnance survey maps, some wallpaper paste and some varnish. Here’s the table before….. IMG_9333[1] And here it is after a bit of an ordnance survey makeover supplemented by numerous cups of coffee. DSC09938 DSC09936 DSC09935   Magpie was keen to give his approval…. IMG_9444[1] Next time I’ll be making a hatstand out of empty gas cartridges and tent pegs….


One thought on “Home Improvements

  1. Nah, preferred it before… Just kidding, looking forward to the hatstand. Some old friends wallpapered their entire toilet with old maps, cunningly chopping them about so that you might find Basingstoke bordering Sierra Leone or the Julian Alps transposed to Nantwich.

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