Less is more…

An overnight trip to one of the quieter corners of the peak district with virtually no route planning, a fairly light pack and little more than an hours drive was a good reminder of the pleasure to be found in enjoying the simpler things in life. All we had planned was a few miles walk to an isolated spot for a lazy wild camp under the stars. Under blankets of thick cloud JamesChrissie and I joined a well trodden bridleway towards Howden Moor a few miles from Derwent Edge. Reuben the mountain staffie was also along for the trip, his well packed colourful panniers attracting smiles and comments from the few people who we passed. DCIM119GOPRO On the surface these moors can appear desolate and lifeless with miles of black peat hags and pale straw coloured grass spread out flat in all directions, but if you stop for a moment the landscape is teeming with all life. As we left the track for rougher ground the air was busy with the sound of curlews, plovers and skylarks, grouse burst out of tussocks with a muttered call.  The moors were also well populated with large mountain hares, one young leveret remained motionless amongst the tall grass miraculously avoiding Reueben’s detection.  SONY DSC We camped near Abbey Brook where an abrupt fissure cuts deep into the platueau, James and I chose to camp on the edge of a steep drop and made the most of the warm evening by cooking outside comparing stories of previous disastrous wild camps. SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCSONY DSC The morning brought bruised skies and heavy showers, a fine excuse to lay a while cocooned in tents and listen to the rainfall whilst the coffee brewed. Camping in the rain can be a pleasure if you can get away with staying in your tent as long as possible. Breakfast was some banana and chocolate muffins, homemade of course.  I took a walk out in the rain to take a few photos of mouseholes and headed down to the stream finding an ideal bivi spot to return to in summer. IMG_9361 SONY DSC SONY DSCAfter packing up and five minutes of walking in waterproofs the skies cleared leaving us to enjoy an easy stroll home via Back Tor where Reuben fulfilled his duty of nobly posing by the trig point. The view from the top of the rocks showcased the vast wild beauty of the landscape, a perfect place to come and wander, to empty the mind and notice the details. SONY DSC SONY DSC


5 thoughts on “Less is more…

    1. Agreed, and I learnt a new word…..leveret.
      It’s something like this
      225g plain flour, 125g caster sugar, pinch salt, 100g of broken dark chocolate, 1 egg, 50g melted butter, 50ml milk and 2 mashed bananas.
      Sift the dry ingredients and in separate bowl combine the rest, before adding to the dry ingedients. Don’t over mix.
      Bake for 20 – 25 minutes in a greased muffin tin

  1. Geoff the cake baking chauffeur………..
    That was a very pleasant night out in the hills old chap.

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