Radio Silence

It’s all been a bit quiet on this front for a while, and for good reason…

After a long summer of sunny wild camps, all day rides and epic sunset sponsored trail runs things came to an abrupt halt one Saturday morning up on Derwent Edge.

My good friend Sam and I had cooked up a plan to catch a train up to Bamford with some light packs and run up on to the moors for the night before camping out and carrying on running the next day. The first night went to plan, scrambling and trotting up through woodland with headtorches before reaching the edges that look over ladybower in twilight. We managed about 8 miles before it became really dark and it started to rain a little giving good cause to get in the tent and cook up some chili whilst showers pattered away at canvas.

The morning brought a summer warmth and golden sunshine and we set out for a long day of trail running across a dewy moor. Perfect…….

There’s sounds that I like my breakfast cereals to make that I don’t like my body to make. So when my right ankle turned all the way over and the ligaments loudly went snap, crackle and pop all at the same I wasn’t a happy bunny. I was more of a screaming swearing bunny rolling around in the grass.

A painful 8 mile hobble followed over the moors and back down the hill to the train station, geared on by the promise of stopping off at the ace pub on platform 1 of Sheffield to numb the pain a bit.

A trip to A&E the next day revealed a nasty sprain and a recommendation to rest up for 6 weeks, all because of one badly placed foot. On the plus side I got to watch my swollen foot move through a magnificent array of bruisey colours over the following weeks, reds turned to purples and yellows and blues. It was like having my own personal albeit really painful aurora borealis. So 6 weeks with no walking, running, at least I could still ride bikes….

Hence no posts for a bit, as compensation here’s a pic of my horrible foot.


image (1)



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