I should have brought a bigger bag…..

On Sunday young Toby and I made the best of the Autumn weather and visited The Roaches near Leek in Staffordshire. Under clear skies we scrambled up Hen Cloud before stopping to lay down and take in the impressive views of Staffordshire from the top. After a while we took a gentle stroll over to The Roaches, in spite of the mediterranean looking sun and blue sky we were accompanied by an icy wind that required a few extra layers. Toby enjoyed squeezing into the tight spaces between the huge boulders and pulled off some convincing Spiderman moves by scaling some steep rocks on all fours. I was hoping to include the Doxey Pool in our walk but most of our time was spent playing amongst the rocks, it was far too cold for a dip anyway.

We had talked about staying out until sunset but we ran out of Haribo at about 4pm, when walking with children this is equivalent to running out of water in the desert and it didn’t take me long to succumb to the requests to go home and watch Ghostbusters. I should have brought a bigger bag!



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