Use the Fosse

A family visit up north with the kids in tow seemed like a good opportunity to squeeze in a wander in one of the finest corners of the Yorkshire Dales. Despite hailing from that neck of the woods I don’t know Yorkshire that well and didn’t bother with the outdoors at all when I were a surly youth and instead preferred to sit in my bedroom listening to slayer and playing video games. Just to say, I still like slayer.

I thought the lads would benefit from having their jaws dropped by some of the epic limestone features around Malham and had set a route that would take in Janet’s Fosse, Gordale Scar and Malham Cove with a decent amount of scrambling between.

We had hoped for some autumnal glory but as we neared our destination the skies grew darker and the wind picked up, spots of rain quickly turned to heavy showers. Even in lousy weather the dales looked great and I promised myself I’d return soon, I’d forgotten that there are some impressive hills in this corner of the world.

Whilst the rain hammered down we sought refuge in a cafe in Malham and waited for it all to blow over. The skies brightened a little, but a chilly wind persisted and some recent heavy rainfall had left the footpath with deep puddles. We knocked any plans for a big walk on the head and instead ambled along a soggy path towards Janets Fosse which had become a raging torrent. Along the way our feet became sodden and when faced with bigger puddles I endured the back breaking task of carrying both kids at once.

We stopped to add a few coins to fallen trees and rewarded ourselves with cheapo jam doughnuts at the plunge pool.

Not our wildest or most epic outing by any stretch but we had smiles on our faces in spite of being cold and wet, kids are hardier than you’d imagine, small bout of hyperthermia never did anyone any harm etc


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