Rich and Rufus vs the Southwell Trail

Another searing hot day to play with. Rather than sit in the garden and listen to the house behind ours play R & B all day I thought time might be better spent pedalling along the Southwell Trail with young Rufus in the child seat. After blowing the dust off the bike rack we drove out of Nottingham, within 10 minutes we were cruising through countryside.

A narrow lane between the villages of Halam and Kirklington barely conceals an entrance to the midpoint of the Southwell Trail. The trail is another disused trainline that has now been converted to a wide bridleway densely bordered with wildflowers and a canopy of oaks ever present with birdsong. Armed with factor 20, some pears and a few packs of quavers we rode along the trail to Bilsthorpe, then to Southwell where we stopped for an ice cream before heading back along the track to our oven of a car.

Check out the pics from our mini road trip.

Eagle eyed readers will no doubt have spotted that the building in the background here is the old ‘house of corrections’, it was reassuring to know there was help at hand had Rufus decided to throw a wobbler.




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