A sunrise over Bleaklow in early March

Just about a month ago I spent a few days working my way up over the Pennines from Edale. With the exception of one exceptionally blustery night in a bivi bag where the wind howled across the hills and the rain hammered down I was otherwise fortunate to enjoy  bright, clear and dry conditions. I’m hoping to pick up the rest of the journey later in the year when time permits.

A highlight of the trip was watching the sun set and rise whilst sleeping out up on Bleaklow, I put a few photos up on a previous post but as I’m feeling indulgent I wanted to get a few more up. I don’t often find myself up in time for the sunrise whilst sleeping out, having two young ones who are very early risers back home makes camping a good excuse for a rare sleep in, I can often revert to my old teenage sleeping habits of refusing to get up till mid-morning  when camping. My good friend James has given such an approach to outdoor pursuits a very fitting label of  ‘slackpacking’. Maybe it was the few degrees below zero that nudged me out of a deep sleep that morning and made me leave the cosy confines of the sleeping bag and tent to get a brew on but I’m chuffed I didn’t miss such a perfect dawn.

Here’s a few extra shots of sunset through to sunrise. Hope you enjoy.







and here’s the view from the porch…..

and if there’s one view that was even more inspiring than a fiery sunrise it was this……

damn fine coffee.

I’m on the verge of investing (i.e. buying) a new off road bike and hope to getting a few bike/bivi trips over the coming month. Even though the last night spent in a bivi bag was a bit of a disaster I can’t quite shake the allure and appeal of spending a night under the stars with not even the roof of a tent to get in the way.

I’ll never learn.




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