Off to the Pennines

What better way to capitalise on a severe national drought than
heading to the soggy old Pennines for a few days. I’ve always fancied having a crack at the Pennine Way, having bumbled around on Bleaklow and Kinder Scout for a few years there’s been an underlying desire to just carry on walking and see what lays beyond. I could have gone up to the Highlands, the Lakes or over to Wales, all of which boast far more captivating mountainous views and deliver more epic wilderness than you can shake an epic wild stick at, but like an itch I can’t scratch I really feel like I want to get this under my belt. This year does mark the 80th anniversary of the mass trespass on Kinder, I’ll use that as an excuse to go.

Hopefully all the rain fell out the sky today and there’s nothing left but sweet sweet sunshine for four days.

With a week off work and permission from the family to be unleashed from my domestic shackles once more (thanks Trish) I’m going to walk up from Edale and hopefully finish on Thursday in Hebden Bridge and get back to Nottingham via train. The bags all packed, the ipods full and I even had some expert route planner advice from the boys…….

Also, it’s my birthday on Thursday so I’m going to fill my pack with cake and nothing else.


3 thoughts on “Off to the Pennines

  1. The weather forecast I’ve just watched on Countryfile didn’t look too bad actually, just a little cooler. Are you camping? (Wild or non-wild) Or are you spending the nights inside four walls? You’ll have great fun, I’m sure!

    1. Tomorrow’s looking great. Two friends were up Kinder on Saturday and said it got pretty miserable, so I was expecting a bit of hardship. I’ve been blessed with pretty good conditions this year so I thought I was due a downpour. I’ll be sleeping out every night, so good luck to whoever sits next to me on the train home.
      Can’t wait.

  2. have a great trip – just be sure to double check your route…. not sure Rufus and Toby were focussed on the job in hand… (just a feeling!) …. x

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