This is what I blog about when I blog about running

I have become the proud new owner of a pair of La Sportiva Crosslites, these are my first off road shoes. After a few years of running around on tarmac, I’ve taken the plunge so I can leg it around woods and up and down hills. Fell running shoes might not seem like an necessity if you live in Nottingham, but I did a good enough job of convincing myself that I needed a pair and life would be meaningless without them. Reading Born to Run by Christopher Macdonald and more recently Feet in the Clouds by Richard Askwith really whet my appetite for disappearing off the road and onto the trails. Furthermore, on a superficial level, trail running shoes do look a lot nicer than road running shoes.

With a few hours to spare on a Sunday morning I took my spangly new shoes for a 12 mile loop around Oxton, a pretty little village near Southwell 15 minutes drive from Nottingham. The area has a decent network of footpaths and bridleways amongst some old woodlands and open fields with a few climbs and descents to boot. There were many signs of Winter slinging its hook for another year, with snowdrops outweighing actual snow and a frost that had completely melted away by mid morning. I forgot my camera so here’s some duff shots I took on my phone.

When I read the book Born to Run by Chris Macdonald, it describes how endurance athletes will often experience visual hallucinations during ultra marathons, it turns out that this is a real Trig Point though, and I thought you only got them on the tops of big hills in national parks. The things you learn.

Okay so it wasn’t the Lakeland 100 but everyone’s got to start somewhere and whilst Nottingham might be a little way down the list when it comes to prospective National Parks, there’s an abundance of woodland and rural idyll to keep me busy whilst I train up for something a bit more ambitious.


4 thoughts on “This is what I blog about when I blog about running

    1. Hey Chrissie, they were really grippy and light, on a couple of muddy sections I would have been slipping all over the place. I might take them backpacking sometime, though they are in no way waterproof and I’m a big fan of warm dry feet. I’m planning on doing a chunk of the pennine way in a few weeks, who knows I might end up running it 🙂
      Hope your ankle’s getting better

      1. I like dry feet too – in fact I’m still a leather boot person for walking in the hills I’m afraid. Not the thing to admit to around all the super lightweight folk I know, but we all have our llittle quirks don’t we!
        Which bit of the Pennine Way are you doing? It was March last year when I started on it.
        Ankle’s coming on fine thanks (I hope), though I seem to be having my fair share of ups and downs with it. Hopefully it’ll now be all ups from now on…can’t get the hang of the the crutches at all – in fact I fell over yesterday – balance has never been one of my strong points!

      2. I can’t be swayed from my big brown heavy Brashers, same pair for 5 years now.
        Plan on walking pennine way north as far as Hebden Bridge the week after next. Watch this space

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