One frozen Yorkshire Pudding

I’ll be heading up north in the morning for a three day backpack around the Howgill Fells right up in the Northwest corner of the Yorkshire Dales. The forecast for the nearest town of Sedbergh has changed at least a dozen times over the last few days. Last week snow and heavy rain were promised but now it’s looking bright and clear and frosty. Whatever the weather does, it’s guaranteed to be dark for about 15 hours through the night and the temperature should drop to about -5 up on the hills.  I’ll be packing my thermals!

The plan is to be walking for three full days with two nights spent under the stars, I’ve decided to treat myself to a B&B in Sedbergh for Wednesday night, I’ll be looking forward to stumbling off the hills into a cosy pub with home cooked food and a proper bed. Might get fish and chips as a starter.

I’ve had the joyous task of packing today, I’ll admit it’s not an art I’ve refined over the years and I have a great habit of screwing up that balance of bringing far too much or far too little. On this trip I’d rather it be the former.

Either way my spare room went from this…….

to this….

I decided not to bring the banjo and the taxidermy crow.  They’re more for those long hot summer nights, more on that later this year perhaps.

Wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “One frozen Yorkshire Pudding

  1. Hope you’ve had better luck than us last Friday evening (27th)…our trip to the Dales came to a complete standstill as snow brought total chaos to the region, shutting all major trans-pennine routes and causing massive tail-backs all over the Northwest!

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